Should I Update Magento

Magento has been a growing e-commerce platform since it was set up in 2007. Numerous online retailers are attracted to the platform since it has complete scalability, a broad range of options and its architecture is modular. Most users have accepted the latest system upgrade due to its compatibility with most devices. Those who are yet to update their Magento systems have been asking why they should, and this article goes a long mile in giving the reasons why the upgrade is necessary.

Functionality bug fixes

New functionality bug fixes have been added to the system to ensure it’s running smoothly and efficiently. Various parts of the platform had bug fixes including Invoicing, Payment Method and the shopping cart.

Security updates

Hacking has become quite rampant in the technology world since the demand for information has increased. The availability of customer information makes most platforms such as Magento quite prone to hackers as it holds valuable data. In the recent past, we have witnessed some of the best brands in the market get hacked including Amazon, Sony, Wal-Mart, and Adobe.

The recent Magento upgrade has improved the platform’s security systems to help prevent hacks and protect the privacy of its users.The security update involves removal of the .swf file, changing the PayPal Express checkout, securing the file system, and enhancing the action URLs.

Integration with Google Analytics

Magento has ensured Google Analytics has been integrated into the website to improve its convenience to the customer.

Support of the Latest PHP version

Every Magento platform supports a PHP version. In the latest update, the Magento version has a capability of running smoothly under the most recent PHP version.

Improved Performance

The most recent update has improved the performance of the platform by ensuring that the responsive look is enhanced. There is also a new interface that has new themes.

Responsive Theme Updates

The recent updates brought about themes that are mobile responsive, making it easier for people to use them on various devices. Merchants can also boost conversion so that the clients using mobile devices may have access to the shopping cart and place an order. The responsive theme updates also improve SEO since the platform allows communication with the consumers and the bounce rates become lower than in other platforms.

Tax Calculation Improvements

The platform allows both customers and merchants to view goods prices and even taxes incurred. The improvements ensure that the dealers are capable of making accurate calculations of tax since there’s a distinction in the tax rates applicable.


In conclusion, if you’re still using the previous versions of Magento it would be highly advisable to upgrade so as to enjoy the above improvements.

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