Should I Flush Magento Cache

The uses of cache in Magento vary depending on your purpose of use. Various caching features may allow you to disable or enable them. During the customization of an app, the best course of action to take would be to turn off the cache setting. This helps to ensure that the work runs smoothly and that you do not have to keep checking the cache to ensure it has caught up with your progress.

The Cache Management menu has four distinct buttons that you can use. These are;

  • Enable

In case you disable the cache in the site, you can restore it by pressing this button.

  • Disable

 This button disables the cache in the entire site and helps with site customization.

  • Refresh

The ‘‘refresh’’ button flushes all the components in the Magento cache.

  • Flush Magento Cache

This button can flush away some elements of the Magento cache; these are items in the primary cache that are used to display pages.

Flushing the Magento cache can be done using different methods. The most common one is where you click on the Actions drop-down box and submit refresh after selecting the line items. The other options involve clicking the Flush Magento Cache or the Flush Storage Cache within the cache management menu.

A cache (cache/var) of any item that was created by the Magento system is cleared using the Flush Magento Cache. The Flush Magento Cache is highly recommended for the compiler since it aids in the compilation process by ensuring it runs smoothly and with fewer interruptions because there will be a clearance of all non-compiled data.

Since the Flush Magento cache is used by most compilers to improve performance, one is advised to leave the caches on unless the amount of testing done using the systems is at a higher level. Flushing the Magento cache, however, does not make it a certainty that the compilation process will speed up since it’s a hit or miss situation. For most third-party extensions, the use of the Flush Magento cache may cause issues and make the compilation of data slower. It is, therefore, advisable to use a baseline in a page’s load time and then turn compilation on so they can feel the difference.


Flushing of the Magento cache is recommended for compilers since it is the most thorough method of getting rid of the data that you have not compiled.


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